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Side by Side Waveforms and working example

Hey, there!
I recently switched from Denon x1850 with SC6000Ms to Pioneer FLX4 and Rx3. Coming from setup with 2 unlinked players I'm used to seeing 2 waveforms right next to each other in order to beatmatch them(I prefer to use some slight visual guide to be more effective when beatmatching). I looked around and saw few posts in the forum about the feature and 1 post in reddit so I decided to see what I can do myself.
I ended up using OBS to crop the captured window of rekordbox in order to rearrange the UI Elements to fit my needs.
I put all the details in my blog
If you need a MVP to show around in the Product Team feel free to follow the Guide above because it takes 5 minutes to setup

Cheers! Hopefully we see this feature sometime in Rekordbox :) and Xdj Rx3

Vasilen Lyubomirov




If you need any further assistance I will gladly help. Also if you need some more professional help related to Software Development of Products I'm working for a company that might be interested in providing such services :)

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