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RMX1000 decibel problem

Goodnight! I have a problem with my RMX1000, I use it with the XDJ XZ and also with the DJM450, in both cases I use the Master output. What happens is the following: when I keep the input and output volume of the RMX1000 in the middle (on flat) and the Master volume of either the XDJ XZ or the DJM450 at 0 Decibels or more, the volume of the RMX1000 is well below and so it doesn't recognize the BPM of the music and so it ends up not adjusting automatically. I understand that if I have 0 decibels on either the XDJ XZ or the DJM450, I should have Tb 0 decibels on the RMX1000. I've done a lot of research on this and haven't found anything.
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