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Capacitación Técnica, Technical Training

Hola muy buenas. Les escribo por el motivo que me interesa mucho aprender a reparar los controladores de su compañía me pregunto si existe algunas capacitaciones o curso online que ustedes tengan para obtener dicha capacitación me encantaría que me enseñaran a reparar DDJ, XDJ, CDJ ETC.


Hello very good morning. I am writing to you because I am very interested in learning how to repair the controllers of your company I wonder if there is any training or online course that you have to obtain such training I would love to be taught to repair DDJ, XDJ, CDJ ETC.

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YouTube? I thought you had an online class or some place where they train you because if I have come to repair some controllers like switch changes, fader etc. all that I have done empirically. 

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