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Rekordbox Cue Sound Output

Hi, I am using rekordbox without any mixer. I have a midi controller and successfully mapped all the setting to my midi controller. However, I am having a issue to separate the sound of the cued track with the track actually playing on that moment. I am using a focusrite 2i2 audio interface for my master output. When djing, like anybody else, I need to listen the song I am going to play next with the cue button but could assign a different audio output to that button. Preferably, I would like hear track I am playing from focusrite output and would like to use the computers headphones for the next track I am cuing. Is such a thing possible without having a dj mixer?

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Yes, but your 2i2 only has 2 outputs; left and right. In order to do a proper master output / cue output, you'd ideally want two stereo outputs (4 outputs).

You could try and configure the 2i2 for dual mono output with the left going to master and right going to headphone cue, but that may not be an option within rekordbox for you so you may need a workaround. Unfortunately we're not able to provide support for such 3rd party products so I'll leave this to the community to provide any other answers. Thanks.

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