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Relocate missing files not working - RB 6.6.9

Anyone having the same issue?

Rekordbox finds the new path of the track but still appears in the library with the exclamation mark.

I'm using Ventura 13.2 and Rekordbox 6.6.9





Hi, I have a similar issue. Ever since updating to rekordbox 6.6.9 I have the issue that relocating files is not working. This encompasses all methods (auto-relocate, manual relocate, specific folder path in settings, etc.) and there is no way to relocate the files currently. I am running Windows 11 currently, but this problem already existed under Windows 10 (I updated to 11 only to see if this fixes it). It seems as if the file ID is being changed and rekordbox is unable to relocate the file. Any help would be appreciated.

PS: local or cloud-based should not be an issue as I have always had my files saved on dropbox and connected to my pc and there was never an issue, until now.

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