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BPM Mode like CDJ's & Bigger info

Hi ! 

I have recently moved from Serato to rkdb beacause PAD MOD and the screen fuidity with my S7 ! (I use rkdb for link export with my CDJ's and my DJM)

But, I find it unfortunate that the BPM with 2 decimal places is really not precise. I who am used to CDJ's in Link Export mode

On CDJ's the value is : 0.0 % - 130 BPM 

+0.10 % - 130.1 BPM

+0.20 % - 130.3 BPM

+1.55 % - 132 BPM

It's literraly better !

With performance mode It's ANARCHY !!!! while i use my CDJ's with...


Now.. Horizontal Display !

The horizontal form it too small..

The Key Value and the virtual Jog with the BPM are too small, when i mix in key, I have to put my eyes on the screen so much that the info is so small..


For the next update it would be great to enlarge the info and add a 1 decimal mode like CDJs

otherwise your software is great! nothing to say, the analyzes are precise, being able to zoom in a lot on the waveform is great! The library management is really well thought out to sort your music correctly




DJ Vins V




Oh too, Display the keys in color depending on whether it is 1A 2A 3B 8B 12A... In the playlists and also above the virtual jog

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