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Audio fluctuating

Not sure what is happening here. I'm importing a purchased Itunes track into Rekordbox and there seems to be some random audio compression. For reference, here's a screenshot. The track on top, or the left platter, was imported from Beatport with no issues and clean playback. The track on bottom, or the right platter was imported from Itunes, unplayable and a mess with abrupt changes in volume. I have nearly 20,000 itunes tracks that don't have this issue in Rekordbox. These Itunes tracks play perfectly fine in Itunes player and other apps, but then does this in Rekordbox. This started with new tracks I purchased and added to my library and then imported into Rekordbox v6. Any Ideas of whats happening? 

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This is not a rekordbox problem, but one with the AAC codec in the Windows 11 22H2 system update. Your choices are to roll back that update, cross-code your AAC / M4A files, or complain to Microsoft along with the thousands of others who have reported this issue in various applications. Sorry!

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