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Opus Quad, strange Jog wheel led and some more questions...

Hello everyone,

I have just received the Opus Quad today and I have noticed that the Jog Wheel led looks like something is wrong.

As you can see it seems that the led have different intensity so they are not uniform as it seems on the official website pictures.

Essentially they are high intensity on one side, than few millimeters low intensity so couple of mm high intensity than all the half low intensity.

It's hard to describe but it looks orrible. I attach some pics that may help you to understand. I've underexpose the pics on purpose to try to emulate what the live situation is.

Is my unit damaged or it's designed like that?

Second thing, is a suggestion to enable the usb input on at least the channels 3 & 4 so we can use fully the audio card and not the bluetooth with the delay when we produce music as example.

Third thing, is anyway to set the lenght of the smooth echo and not just the time and the volume?



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I will have to look into this for you, the other alternative would be to send it in to be looked at for the lighting.  I will check tomorrow and get back to you.

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I am also having an issue with the jog wheel. In my situation the plastic "cover" or wheel under the clear glass view that is supposed to be on top of the leds came loose on the right jog wheel and the lighting is off. It's driving me crazy...

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