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beatgrid/waveforms does not follow the music!

When I play I can clearly see and hear how the kick is hitting after the "grid note aka the white marker" that is in the middle where the waveforms are passing. This happends to every track I load and I was playing these same tracks without issue like 2h ago. Could I have change any settings by mistake? I have literally no idea why or how this happends nor how to fix it..?

I do not mean changing the beat grid like normal, which I do from time to time when rekordbox fail to analyze. I actually did that to 1 track some time before this problem popped up but I have done that countless times without anything like this happening.

Would very much appreciate some help here, thanks in advance!

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Sorry, but I honestly don't understand what you're saying.

Sorry to hear that, please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue. Include a video (attached or linked) in the comment for that ticket and our team will then have a bit more detail.


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