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Rekorbox lag when loading songs with both Windows and MacOS

Hello! So I recently had a problem with rekordbox v 6.x.x a few months ago. The issue was that when I loaded a song, for a few seconds rekordbox just froze, it got to the point where even the waveform was just freezing for two to three seconds, the audio was not affected by this issue. This was happening on Windows, with a Lenovo Gaming Laptop with very good high specs(last gen i7, 16gb ram). Assuming this was a performance issue I decided to upgrade to a last generation MacBook Pro 16'' M1 Pro, which is one of the most powerful laptops you can purchase. Everything was running smooth until today, when I upgraded to the latest version of rekordbox, wich includes acces to the new Track Separation feature, wich I enabled from the settings and after playing with it I decided to disable it. All went fine until tonight, when I was Dj-ing at my residency when all of a sudden, surprise! The old lag issue is back, after I load a song rekordbox freezes for a second, this time the waveform is moving, but the pitch adjust is freezing, when I try to beat jump it does it with a one to two second delay. Now, I assume this isn't a machine performance issue and more of a software one, I also mention the MacBook is running on the latest MacOs and since purchase nothing has ever had any intention of lagging on this thing just besides rekordbox... The controller I'm using is DDJ-1000, also with the latest audio drivers. I hope this is a temporary issue and maybe it has a fix to it, otherwise at this point I am just considering leaving rekordbox behind... Thank you!

Vraciu Cosmin




Question... where is your music? External drive?

Have you allowed rekordbox to run for some time on the Mac?

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