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Bug in mobile sync of Intelligent Playlists

Hi I noticed a bug in the Rekordbox mobile sync when choosing to sync intelligent playlists to my iPhone.  

RB (Mac OS 12.6.1) versions: 6.7.0, 6.7.1 at least

RB (iOS) version:

If I choose to sync (to mobile) an intelligent playlist containing  "all of the" criteria based on My Tags, Rekordbox on my laptop will act as if it's transferring songs to the mobile device (I can see the status bars for transferring and synchronization at the bottom of the app moving).  However, when it's done, my mobile app shows the name of the playlist in the app, but when I click on it no songs are displayed.  The playlist appears to be empty on the phone.

Sync'ing a playlist containing "any of the" criteria based on My Tags syncs properly to the mobile device and I can see all of the expected songs in the playlist view on the app.


Intelligent Playlist A, defined as:

Match any of the following conditions: (Rating = 1 star) and (My Tag contains Starter)

syncs properly to the mobile device.

Intelligent Playlist B, defined as:

Match all of the following conditions: (Rating = 1 star) and (My Tag contains Starter)

is affected by the bug.  It will show no tracks in the playlist on the RB mobile app even though I can see them on my laptop.

Please let me know if you need any more information to duplicate this bug.  I can work around it now that I understand when the bug happens, but I hope you can fix it because I love being able to do track prep (beatgridding, cue markers, etc...) on my phone when I have spare time.  



Michael Winton




I'm not sure if it's related to this bug or it's a separate bug, but I also noticed that none of the MyTags are sync'ing from RB on my Mac to RB on my iPhone either.    When viewing that screen on mobile, it appears as if no tags are selected for songs which do have MyTags when viewed on the Mac.


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