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Rekordbox Beat sync is messed up after the new update.

To start, all of my tracks have their grids perfectly aligned and analized. It started a week ago, seemingly after the new update. Whenever I use the beat sync function, the incoming track always starts severely off beat, and slowly corrects itself in ~10 seconds (the grids on the screen are perfectly matched, yet the sound is way off). It makes it almost impossible to make an instant transition with any song that doesn't have a DJ intro. I tested many controlers, and found out that it's definitely a Rekordbox Softwares problem. Tried many solutions, nothing helped. Can anyone help???





Hi i have the same issue with a brand new DDJ  FLX 4 i bought like 2 months ago worked perfect for the first month then after a update i got same problems as mentioned above,.. so basicly the first 10 seconds of any song is out of sync since last update, you can see and hear it  everytime and then exactly at 10 seconds all is fine and perfectly sync , any suggestions to solution?  and it does it on multiple different computers , even after reinstalling fresh RekordBox older version.. and even without the panel, when just using the screen and mouse to mix, so it must be a RekordBox issue cause i never had any issues first month and made a few mixxes just fine .. then all of a suddon this problem came when updated..   what to do now ? as its really annoying and messes up things..

Thanks in advance.

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