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Rekordbox 6.7.1 is deleting my tracks

Hi !

I'm using Rekordbox 6.7.1 with Creative Plan and my personal Dropbox account.
Since some time, I can see that many songs are lost, but I have not given it importance, thinking that I could have deleted them or moved them by mistake. In recent days I have been working hard on several playlists and my surprise was BIG when I could see that in the playlists in which I have worked, some tracks (few minutes ago were played)I no longer existed in the collection.

I checked the Dropbox log and found that the files were deleted from the PC from where I was playing with Rekordbox at the time I was listening to tracks. Not all tracks in the playlist were deleted, just some (3 or 4) randomly from each playlist I ran.

Are there any settings or anything I can change to prevent Rekorbox from deciding (for some reason I can't find yet) to delete some of the tracks I've played?





Thank you, inquiry ticket sent (and updated).

After analyzing and trying to find out what is causing Rekordbox to delete my files randomly, I found that the cause is the change of information in the database. If I edit from Rekordbox (collection or playlist) any information in the track (title, artist, album, genre or any column that I can edit from Rekordbox) automatically the file is deleted.

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