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Synchronization of Device Library and Device Library Plus

There seems to be some confusing/possibly conflicting information between a post by Pulse and the Device Library Plus FAQ.  In this thread:


Pulse says the following:

"Changes made to one library can be updated to your collection and then reflected in the other library."

Does that mean it happens automatically or you can update the other library yourself?

In the FAQ:


It says the following:

"Changes made in Device Library (such as rearranging and removing tracks and playlists) cannot be reflected in Device Library Plus, and vice versa."

So which is it?  Does Rekordbox automatically sync the two libraries for you or not?


Also, is the entire library duplicated (audio files as well), or is just the library data duplicated.



Mike Soultanian




The fact is, if you make any changes in rekordbox Collection, and export to a USB drive, or use Sync Manager to sync the playlist, 
it will reflect to both the Device Library and the Device Library Plus.

The FAQ is mentioning that if you make any changes in Device Library under 'Devices' in rekordbox tree view, 
the change will not reflect to the Device Library Plus or vice versa. Therefore it is basically recommended to make changes in
the Playlist in rekordbox Collection, then export to a USB drive.

>Also, is the entire library duplicated (audio files as well), or is just the library data duplicated.
The audio file is not duplicated, but just the library is.

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I ran into a hiccup that seems a bit strange.  I have a drive that has an existing library on it.  I enabled the setting to use both libraries, inserted my drive, and it asked me if I wanted to update for library plus (or something like that - I forget exactly).  It proceeded to start removing a bunch of tracks because I'm guessing it was syncing my USB with my computer (they were probably out of sync).  It went for a bit, and then I got a bunch of out of space notifications even though the drive has 13gb free.  So, it would seem like the algorithms that handle this are still a bit buggy....

After clearing all the error notifications I went to the sync manager and it's trying to export both libraries to my USB drive again (two export progress bars at the bottom)... it's definitely going pretty slow.  What is it doing?  Why does it think it was running out of space - surely the library files can't take up 13gb!?

I'm pretty surprised at how kludgy this is... for the most part Pioneer gear is pretty rock-solid - this kinda stuff isn't particularly confidence-inspiring, especially for something that's mission-critical.

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