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Compiled CDJ3000 and CDJ2000NXS2 issues

I'm noticing some new issues that need attention, now that they've been in the field for a bit. Here's a log below of issues this year. Many of these only happen once or twice. But the sync issue with CDJ2000 NXS2 model happens every time. None of these happen with my home setup of CDJ3000s and Netgear switch.
Has anyone else experienced these issues?
- Beat sync turns off when pressing hot cues - firmware 2.02, Pref settings not fully loading quantize, beat sync, or master tempo.. when quantize on, no cues will quantize. Only happened on one CDJ, linked. Only way to fix was temporarily turn off beat sync, trigger hot cue, then turn Beat sync back on
- Broken hot cues. Certain hot cues will not function or will stutter when pressed
- Broken USB ports I've only seen this once. USB port will not function.
- Random Beat sync drift  seems to be independent of firmware version, and I've even seen it vary night to night at the same venue with the same songs. Maybe switch related? It's a slight drift, not a fixed drift like the CDJ2k issue
- Continued sync issue after firmware 1.85- Beat sync will not line up because of a fixed delay. The problem is with specific songs. Originally thought to be a firmware issue, but issue persists even after a firmware downgrade to 1.84, but it's likely tied to a way files are encoded or switch is set up. Everything plays fine in Rekordbox
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