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Beat grid problems since new update


Today I have downloaded the latest update of Rekordbox. I'm using my DDJ-400. 

Since the update, I have the same problem I had with the XDJ-RX2, see that topic here: https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/11593764214041-Beat-Grid-problems-XDJ-RX?input_string=Beat%20grid%20problems%20since%20new%20update . There never has been a solution, unless the sync button (and I'm refusing to use that). 

I always was so happy that I didn't had these issues with my DDJ-400. Sometimes it is just very useful to see if you are right with beatmaching and in special conditions. Why is this problem since the update a thing, also for the DDJ-400? I hope there can be a solution in the next update, or maybe is there already a solution for now? Do more people have this problem, and maybe can help me with a solution?