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external hard drive crashed but still have files on transfered ssd

My main extenal hard drive with all my music I've been organizing in rekordbox for years with multiple laptops recently crashed. I haven't gotten a good solid backup in a year or so.

I do have all my music transferred via rekordbox to an SSD I use to dj with. Can I re-direct rekordbox to use my SSD as the main directory? all the locations would now be different. What are my options to attempt to get my music back in the playlist I've been creating for years.

Jimmy San




Should also mention I got a message that "removable drive device library is corrupted do you want to delete the device library" I clicked YES, and now I see all my SSD playlists on the CDJ but no music files in the folders. when I look at the contents folder on my computer I can see all the music organized in folders alphabetically 

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