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Player numbering is different between controllers and DJMs, and it breaks HID to standalone handoff

This has come up in the forum a few times before, but I'm going to outline the issue as clearly as possible, and add my vote for fixing it.

The Rekordbox controllers and the Rekordbox Mac/Win UI use 3-1-2-4 left-to-right player numbering, but standalone CDJ/DJM setups use 1-2-3-4.

When you connect CDJs directly to Rekordbox via a USB cable to each player, you have the option to pick which Rekordbox deck each hardware player controls. However, there's not typically time during a club DJ handoff to plug in three or more cables and a hub when switching DJs. If you do the quick and obvious thing and plug a USB cable into only the mixer instead, and rely on the ethernet Pro DJ Link between the DJM and CDJs to access HID mode on the connected CDJs, you don't get the option to map the hardware players to the Rekordbox software deck you want, they simply pick up the same number they've been assigned in the CDJ's Utility menu.

The problem is that now the physical layout of the CDJs, with 1 and 2 on the left, and 3 and 4 on the right, doesn't match the Rekordbox UI: players 2 and 3 are swapped left/right. This adds a big layer of stress, and makes it very hard to tell at a glance what's going on.

It is possible to re-number the CDJs using their Utility menus to 3-1-2-4, but doing this on the fly during a handoff is impractical, as is resetting it for the next DJ using standalone mode.

I would happily use standalone mode and leave my laptop at home if I didn't depend on Tidal. But since HID mode is currently the only way to play back tracks from Tidal, I'm stuck in this particular hell.

We need one of the following solutions, listed in order of how easy/likely it is Pioneer will adopt them:

-A setting in the Rekordbox UI to change the layout to 1-2 on the left, 3-4 on the right (perhaps automatically when using Pro DJ Link to connect to players via a connected DJM)

-A way to switch which Rekordbox software player each CDJ controls, as is possible when connecting directly to the CDJ via USB

-Unity going forward between 4-ch controller layout/numbering and CDJ/DJM numbering

-...and/or native Tidal support on the CDJ-3000/Opus Quad.

Thank you for considering my feedback. Please do tell me if there's a way to set the player numbers independently of the Pro DJ Link numbering, an exhaustive search of the manuals, this forum, and the wider internet returned no such method.

Chris Tipton-King




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Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee if or when your request will be implemented. 
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