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Copy / Paste problems

Hey gang,

We've been in contact with Zendesk regarding the issues we've had with copy/paste, but they're unable to replicate the issues at hand.  I know I've had it happen once, but as I'm an Agent, I have a different posting form than you guys do and that may play into the reason it doesn't happen as much.

What they've asked us to provide:

* The browser used (version).

* The user's operating system.

* Step they took when pasting the content (e.g. directly in the comment window, then adding text or in the HTML pop-up window, etc.)

* Any error messages or anything of note that may help.

(I will point out the fact you guys don't have an HTML window, so that's out of the question.)

Please try and break it!  Provide the details above if you do, and please let us know exactly what it was you tried to copy/paste (URL to the source if needed) and we'll try and get it resolved ASAP!  Thanks.