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Getting the Youth Into this stuff (Idea)

So , First Who am i?

I am a 14 Year old dutch DJ , Music Is my passion and I'm Producing And Mixing For four years.


I know a few people of my age and We Turn those tables in the local clubs (I got two local clubs which i reside at)


But what i don't like , Pioneer only promotes to Older people Maybe You should promote the future and Have some teens in your "Clan"?

(I know you have the DJ school but it's not close to me)

Anyways What do you think about introducing the youth and Giving them a chance?





@Sammy > congrats on having those residencies.

If you've seen some of our more recent gear you'd see that Pioneer has been trying to capture a younger market - think the DDJ-Ergo / DJM250 / CDJ350. However, this is pro-audio gear and that doesn't come cheap. Therefore, I disagree that Pioneer only promotes to adults - its a matter of available disposable income for teenagers that may be holding them back.

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Hmm... You've gotten a point there , Pioneer will be the best But their prices will stay high and for me before i got those residences i had to get the pioneer feel , Probably the hardest part was moving from a cheap midi controller to the pioneer layout.


The ddj ergo still costs 500 bucks :(

But the local club sometimes allows me to go there and have some fun with other Locals.

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