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Rekordbox and Pioneer Updates.. REAL improvements>> where are they?

So I am kind of sad to say all of the suggestions and improvements suggested to Rekordbox and the 2000 range over the past couple of years did not result in some real results.. very cool a ANDROID app for rekordbox which is poorly coded and does not have any real use except for the new wireless controller 

Where are the promised updates for the DJM-2000? (at least a fix!)  CDJ-2000? and where are the real perfomance improvements like multi-core support, improved speed, stability, more usefull features for RB

I know this is probably tread number 50 on this topic but this is for a reason.. FLAGSHIP DJ GEAR? well then I guess you guys could put a little more effort into software developing.


Thanks, Again.


Jack EDM




All your suggestions and feedback HAVE been taken into consideration. Why do you say the Android App is poorly coded?

Where did we promise DJM-2000 updates? RB development is really stepping up a gear so I hope you'll see some increased functionality soon.

Again, all your comments have been noted and passed along - we appreciate your patience.

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