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Wall Mount for SDJ05 - any suggestions?


Anybody found any decent wall mounts for the sdj05?  Im having a pretty hard time finding a mount that will fit the 60mm holes w/ M5 screws.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Ill be mounting to studs so the weight shouldnt be a problem.  I just cant seem to find anything that Im sure will fit..

I saw a post on the sdj08's and using rawlbolts to attach to speakers which is helpful. But Im hoping somebody can tell me a model of mount that I can look at to see what specs a mount needs to have to fit the sdj05.  Is there like an adapter that screws onto the sdj05 which allows it to attach to some of the generic mounts (like omnimount)? 

Im struggling to find something that Im sure will fit before I order..


Kevin Savage




Perhaps you might consider something free standing like this: (Click the images)

These should hold the weight also:

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