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S- DJ05 Monitors to computer help....

After examining the back of the sdj 05 monitors, I'm going to use the TRS connection to run the monitors to my 900 nexus mixer... But which is the best out to connect to my desktop and/or laptop......  If you say the RCA inputs...... what type of cables is it I'm looking for?

Are these just simple single connection audio cables that you would use to say connect your ipod to a receiver or some stereo input?  Basically I'm looking for the best connection for the monitors to the desktop and laptop.... I'm guessing you can use both right?

Please advise.... Thanks everyone

Matt Foster




I run a 3.5mm-jack-to-RCA cable into one of the inputs on my mixer from my desktop (and the mixer is connected to the speakers via XLR). Sound quality is fine but, obviously, not optimal. This would be the easiest / cheapest option for you.

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