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[CLOSED] SDJ 08 connection problem

Today I went to [RETAILER] and bought two 1/4'' audio cables for the TRS input on the speakers. I put one cable in the back of the speakers and the other side into the back of my M Audio fast track pro. I did the same for the other speaker and when I played my music on logic pro no sound came out. am I connecting it to the interface wrong? Please help!

dylan cataldo




@Dylan > Lets ensure you have everything set up correctly.

1) You have the cables connected to the TRS output on the FastTrackPro.

2) You have each cable running to the TRS input on the back of each speaker.

3) You have selected Input source '4' on the speakers using the attached controller.

I strongly suspect you may have missed step 3.

Further troubleshooting, are you sure there is a signal going to the FTP?

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