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[SOLVED] S-DJ05 + Cell phone interference....

Got the S-DJ05. In love. But i notice alot of cell phone interference when my cell phone is placed nearby. Even when i throw it on my bed far away. & also some times hear what sounds like cell phone interference even when my phone is in the other room. Is this bad & can it damage the speakers? Can the sort of static-y interference be caused by a laptop nearby?

Adam Supey




That kind of interference acceptance is, unfortunately, required by the FCC and most other similar international organizations.  The cell phone puts out a particular signal that is picked-up when in proximity to any audio amplification circuit - you could hear the same thing in a clock radio or car stereo.  It seems to happen most often when the phone is transmitting on certain frequencies (I find typically when my phone falls out of 3G signal range it hapens).

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