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HELP! Setting up SDJ05 Speakers as PC Speakers

Hello All-

Thanks in advance for your help. 

I currently have a Asus Essence STX Sound card, and have MAudio AV40's connected via RCA cables and a splitter . 

I just received my (2) new SDJ05 monitors :



and am having some issues connecting. 

1) The speakers come with 2 sets of RCA outputs, but just 1 RCA plug per output, the card has 2 RCA plugs? do I just use 1 male to male RCA for each speaker and connect to RCA's on card?

2) Also, the speakers come with a link cable, do I need to connect both the link cable and no RCA cable from the 2nd speaker? or do I need to connect an RCA cable from each speaker to the card and the link cable?

3) The speakers have TSR cable, but not sure how I could connect both speakers using this t essence STX?

These are the connectors on the card: 

Analog Output 

1 x 6.3 mm jack (1/4") Headphone out

2 x RCA (Un-Balanced) 

Analog Input 

1 x 6.3 mm jack (1/4") (Line-in/ Mic-in combo)


1 x S/PDIF out 

1 x Front-Panel Header 

1 x Aux in (4-pin header)



I own them already so other speakers or sound card not an option right now. I need to find a workable solution with this equipment. 

How would you connect them?

Manny Marrero




You connect the RCAs from the sound card to each speaker; one left, one right.

The link cable is used to link the control from the volume knob to each speaker at the same time.

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