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[SOLVED] HDJ-1500 cold?



It is around 14 fahrenheit/ -10 celsius here in Sweden and I wonder, will that cold have a negative effect on my headphones? I will not use them most of the day but I will have them around my neck for when I'm going to listen to some music. The travel is about 20 minutes outside in the cold with some wind as well.


Basically, will the cold in some way damage my headphones? If not, will they be damaged if even colder or not even damaged at all?

Joakim Melin




I can't see too many ways in which they could go wrong. I know Pulse uses his HDJ-2000s when skiing or snow-shoeing in the chilly Vancouver winters and I've used mine in -25 to -30 C only two weeks ago without incident.

If you want to be cautious, let the headphones acclimatise to the heat indoors when you come back in before using them again.

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