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[SOLVED] HDJ-2000K Slider and/or Slider Cover damage

Hello, I've recently discovered a minor crack in my HDJ-2000K headphones, specifically the Slider (part # WNK2892). I have not dropped these, or abused them in any fashion. Currently the part is out of stock online, and the closest repair center being almost 200 miles away I wanted to see if there was any support I could find through this online resource. I've had the headphones since Christmas, where I received them as a gift from my girlfriend. I can provide proof of purchase if necessary to get them repaired, would that be under warranty or how should I approach this? It's currently not a major problem but I could see it becoming more of an issue with regular wear. 

Daniel Juhl




@Daniel > Yes, you have a one year warranty on these headphones so I'd advise you to return them to your place of purchase for replacement or repair. Alternatively, you can contact Pioneer in your region using the links on the right to arrange repair / replacement etc >>

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