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Rekordbox Usable after reinstallation and deleting all data files

So I've "attempted" to use rekord box sense... 1.1. CD that came with the cdj 2000.

1.1 was good, and then i switched to serato for a while. Cameback to 1.4.1, couldnt work, and 1.5 couldnt work. So i went CD's

But today I tried deleting all rekordbox related files and apps. so i installed the new 1.5.1 version of RB, and with no tracks analyzed yet. I imported a playlist i had made maybe a month ago.

All files are Aiff. files from beatport, or 320 from beatport. But I only have Aiff. these days.

I exported the this playlist in 1.4.1 and 1.5, and there would eb the ERRORs for more than half the track.

Today i did simple export with no cues or anything set up. First seeing if my songs would play

my cdj 2000 read the usb flash drive well, and all the songs came up very quickly and was very responsive and as of right now, no Errors.

MY opinion of my issues before were my data files and my imported files from itunes were all from various stages of the rekordbox which meant they werent all analyzed fromt he same firmware. To me this sounds like my issues came about due to the fact that my analyses of my music were scattered by differnet versions which made certain tracks not workable with certain firmware of cdj or rekordbox. 

I'll be testing more NOW that i seem to able to use RB. Very good news to my ears.

Hope if anyone has issues may wana try this route. If you already imported alot of tracks well, thats for you to decide if you wana restart all over with 1.5.1

But right now, i'm happy man