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Couple of Q's

Sorry I'm new to this and still trying to get my head around the software. Got a few questions, would be really pleased if someone can answer...

  1. Backup and restore - I assume Rekordbox doesn't actually back up the music files just data? I wanted to do a back up and restore and move my entire rekordbox library to a new mac but it looks like I have to transfer the entire 500GB iTunes library first?

  2. FInding duplicates in a library - whats the easiest way to remove these?


Many thanks


Richie Barthez




@Richie > No worries - it's a learning process for the veterans too.  ;)

1) Correct, it only backs-up your database files.  If you want to move it to a new Mac, your best bet would be to use the migration wizard (Mac software) but alternately you could simply use an external drive and use that as your source for the audio files.  You should transfer the library to the SAME location on your new Mac and then copy to database.

2) iTunes can handle that for you prior to importing them into Rekordbox.  It has been suggested to add a duplicates finder to the software.

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