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Error in the transferred playlist on the USB stick?

Had a problem this weekend with a playlist where over half of the tracks didnt work...?!


The playlist i created on the computer has no errors and all of the tracks is there, but when i transfer it to the USB it says "file doesnt exist" ?


It has no trouble finding the files in my Collection and I have no problem regarding other playlists?


anyone experienced this?

In the attached picture i added you can see that the list on the left is from the USB... The link on the right is my playlist in rekordbox... 

for some reason i cant play the tracks on the left AND the comment field isnt 1:1 ?!  (it says 4A/11A - 125 on the right and 10A - 125 on the left?!!?!) 

This is messed up.... 

Casper Østergaard




@Casper > It would seem that the file didn't export or the database on the export device reflects a change; have you tried deleting the track from the USB and re-exporting it?

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