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[CLOSED] Introducing Rekord Buddy - A Syncing tool for Rekordbox

Hey guys,

I hope it's ok to post this in here, it might hopefully be useful to some of you.

I'm writing a program to sync your Traktor database with your Rekordbox database. Track info, beatmarkers, playlists, everything can be exported from Traktor over to Rekordbox.

This is currently in beta and at a point where I need more people to start using it and point out problems or suggestions.

You can download the latest version from my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DamienSirkis

Keep in mind it is not ready for prime time yet but will hopefully get there with your help.


Damien Sirkis




Frederick, I would move this over to the Next Audio forums since this isn't Pioneer related :)

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paulm72/damien - what traktor does better than rekordbox is the initial, auto beatgrid analysis. from my recent tests traktor > rekordbox gives me approx 95% grids that need absolutely no adjustment. using rekordbox on its own, i'd say i get just 30% grids that need no adjustment. trying to adjust those 70% is pretty time consuming and i have to say, pretty hit or miss in rekordbox. i've used ableton since version 3 so i'm well used to tweaking grids but rekordbox doesn't make it easy with it's poor waveform and lack of zoom. 

i can now import tracks, with properly set grids in a fraction of the time using rekordbuddy. 

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I'd agree with these stats.  Would add that during RB analysis, type of errors in order of most frequency of correction:

1) whole beat grid is off by some seeming random number of milliseconds

2) fails to identify the first beat (inizio)

3) inaccurate BPM analysis, usually in the area of 0.01 - 0.20 bpm though I've seen outliers off as far as 20% (not counting 1/2 or 2x errors)

I would also agree that traktor is amazingly good at it, and it's database is microsecond accurate.  Even that stodgy old Mixmeister gets the BPM correct  (also microsecond accurate)  but it usually fails with the whole beatgrid being off about every 5 tracks.

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