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Rekordbox and CDJ-2000 search by artist/album filtering issue

Hi there,

In my rekordbox collection I have for example some greatest hits albums from some artists.

Most of those albums are collection albums featuring songs with duets or featured artists. The artist of that specific song is then written as, for example, 'Queen ft. Paul McCartney' or 'Queen & The Beatles'.

Well, you can guess what's coming next. We have a special ID3 tag called 'Albumartist' to make it happen that an album/track has a 'main artist' under which the numbers can be catalogized then.

Problem with the CDJ's is that when I search for an artist ('Queen'), and then an album ('Greatest hits 2011'), and then browse into that album, the tracks with a featuring artist or an aberrant artist field name are not displayed. Only the tracks with exact artist 'Queen' are displayed.

Is there a way (or an option) to make it display all the tracks with the matching album artist, if present?

It is the much easier to browse through albums and play them if it were like real CD's and makes life a bit easier for me.




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