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iPhone/iPad + Rekordbox 1.6.2 - Crash, crash, crash.

I'm using the above combinations on my Windows 7 64bit machine, and trying to embrace the new-found ability to set all my cues and grids on the move on my mobile devices. But it keeps failing at square 1 every time.

Prior to using this, 1.5.4 worked fine for my usual transfers to USB. This doesn't appear to have changed.

But I haven't once managed to successfully transfer music to my mobile device without hanging both the app and the program.

The music appears to transfer (although quite slowly) and when the full compliment of music has been copied across, the application then hangs. (The transferring message remains on the iPhone/iPad screen until I kill the app.)  And the PC application white-screens and forces me to close it. At this stage, the music which was transferred doesn't appear in the playlist at all on the mobile app.

I've restarted both machine and device several times.

Bottom line, I can't do what I need to. App looks very pretty, but seems buggy. Hopefully there'll be an update soon which will get things working.



Very frustrating. 

Pete 'Freerunner' Simpson