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Rekordbox 1.6.2 and iPhone App Transfer/Sync Issue



I use Rekordbox 1.6.2 on my Mac OSX1.5.8 and detect 2 Problems

  • If track exist on Iphone and a new playlist is that contains same tracks then the connection to the Iphone crash. Sometime crash the Application somtime on Mac or on the iPhone, not always the same.

This ishu can also be test when the Playlist is deletet on iphone and again moved to the iphone.

  • Change in Rekordbox can not be Synced to the iphone for example Cue Points. Only allow to Sync from Iphone to Rekordbox.


Some additonal Question:

  • How acces Tag-List from my iPhone without to creat a new Playlist. In rekordbox on my Mac?

  • How can i delet all Tracks they are in a playlsit in iphone app?


Best regards