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Rekordbox only able to play 1/2 song then cdj's freeze

Everytime I play the cdj's through the Link feature on Rekordbox the cdj's freeze up about half way through the song sometimes when it is when i start up the other track, but not always. The CDJ's and rekordbox are completely updated. I have tried everything i could read about: turning off wifi, making sure no internet sharing, making sure ethernet has priority, changed artwork to temp,  completely deleted and reinstalled rekordbox and re-analyzed all tracks, changed to the backup file. I know its not a problem with the hub or LAN cables because it works perfectly with my roomates computer and even when i directly link one cdj to my computer it repeats the problem. Please help this is driving me nuts! -Andy

0) Have you read the "READ ME FIRST" thread in its entirety before posting: Yes

1) Operating System: OSX 10.8.2

2) OS Type: 64bit 

3) Rekordbox version: 2.0.1

4) Using LINK: Yes

4a) LINK Connection method: Linksys switch

4b) Using with CDJs: 2 x cdj-2000s

5) Hard drive / Flash drive / SD card file system

5a) Does the device have multiple partitions: No 

5b) If it's a flash drive, is it a U3 device

5c) With what utility did you format the device

6) Have you scanned your files for errors: No 

7) Have you scanned your drive for errors: No 

8) Is Rekordbox crashing at all: has but not regularly

8a) If crashing, is it resulting in

8b) If not crashing, are there any error messages

9) Are you able to repeat / reproduce the problem:  Yes

9a) If yes, can you do it consistently: Yes

10) Any other notes regarding your setup only: