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BPM always reads (1/2) time. Batch Process in next Version?

Hello, First off let me say I love Rekordbox 2.0.3, and my CDJ's. However, this is my only major non-bug problem so far.

Whenever I analyze a batch of Drum and Bass tracks, which are generally** 175 BPM, the BPM reads out as **87.5, which is half time. In order to fix this, I have to bust out my calculator, multiply the BPM readout by 2, and manually type that in for each and every track. Needless to say, this is very annoying and tedious, as not every track is exactly 175 BPM, as there is always variation in the actual BPM's, depending on the producer or sub-genre.

This problem could be easily solved if you added a "BPM x 2" and a "BPM **÷ 2**" button when multiple tracks are selected in the Rekordbox software. I think adding the function to batch process the BPM's would be a great addition to the next version of Rekordbox. Thanks for reading this, and I hope my input is not overlooked. =)