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rekord box bug report

i've noticed(using rekord box 2.0.3) that when i hit the down arrow to open up the beat grid options that every once in a while it moves my beat grid, i actually stopped beat gridding my track selections because this was annoying me, id' get the track perfect, click the arrow and BAM shits fucked up on me.

now my roomates computer seems to be doing this with every second track he tries to beat grid, he doesn't think its an issue with reporting and being a whiner about however i think its a huge flaw. it counteracts the work i keep trying to put into my track selection, ot the point that i've concluded there's not point bothering to make it so my stuff is tight and bang on, which makes me feel that there was no need to spend 5k on a couple of decks, should of gotten live pa gear instead, personal opinoin, anyways i'm tired of trying to fight these programs and personall am probably not going to bother tilizing these decks to the fullest because of buggy issues like this.

in fact i'm probably going to cancel my up coming booking because i'm not prepared for it and don't have the energy to FIGHT things that where supposedly put here to simplify my life. thats pretty lame.