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Concerning rekord box exporting..

I am trying to wrap my head around this procedure.

Is it possible to have my 20 gigs of tracks on my laptop analyze them on the laptop copy all my tracks to a 32 gig flash drive and then export a play list to the flash drive when ever I make new ones?

I just spent about 3 hours analyzing the tracks and then another 8 hours exporting the playlist' (3 of them) .. I cant imagine having to do this every time I make a few new playlsit' not to mention I wouldnt want to copy the tracks over to the same flash drive multiple times.

seems rather tedious.

I just want to store all my music on 2 flash drives and then use the playlist, I have already spent hours on, that I made in itunes but export the palylist  to the flash drives and have rekord box use the existing tracks on the flash drive.

does this work? do you get my drift on my concept?

lawrence lopez