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Rekordbox & CDJ 2000Nexus issue??

Hi guys,

Been using my 2 cdj2000Nexus without issue since last november... Now all of a sudden i'm having a slight issue... I plug my USB drive into deck 1 (USB is solely used with rekordbox and contains no other files).

I can use the music fine but if i go to sort on a playlist and then select sort BPM it sorts the playlist into BPM... However if i exit the playlist and choose another it doesn't show my tracks in BPM order on deck 1... However using the link option access the memory stick from deck 2 and select a playlist and sort order it holds these settings for the playlists on deck 2!!!!

it used to hold these settings for both decks until recently??? If i swap the usb into deck 2, Deck 2 doesnt hold the sort settings but deck 1 does... It's frustrating and leaving my scratching my head.. Has anybody else had this issue??

Matty Evans