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Rekordbox Android App Feedback

I'm using Rekordbox Android app with XDJ-Aero (over a wireless network or connected driectly to Aero's access point)...

1)  Listing songs from a playlists, searches, etc. can be painfully slow.  The biggest issue, from what I can tell, is the app forcing the load of all the album thumbnails, then loading the artist names.  Please make an option to completely shut off the loading of album thumbnails, so that my lists load much faster.    I have done everything I can on my tablet to ensure that Rekordbox is the only app running and gets as much system resources as possible....still this app can be far too slow.

2)  The song listings from playlists, searches, etc. need to have more information shown...such as the BPM, Key, Album name.  Currently only shows Title and Artist, then you have to click a song to see the BPM.  This would help finding songs to match beats or keys more quickly.

3)  I am using an 8" tablet and when I DJ I have to have my table in landscape mode.  The Rekordbox app will only display 3.5 songs in a given list.  This now requires a bunch of scrolling...and if you go back to #1 in this list, it can be very frustrating.   Please change fonts or the display to allow for more songs to be listed in landscape mode.  Maybe the option to remove album thumbnails could help this.

4)  While connected to and controlling the XDJ-Aero's USB music, an ability to build a temporary playlist, or cue list, on the fly would be a fantastic option!  Long-hold a song name in a list, and click "Add To Set Cue List".....something of that nature.

5)  If I use the built-in ability to search songs based on BPM, having additional sub-filters beneath that would be VERY handy...such as Genre, Artist or Album.  Right now it will just list ALL the songs for a given BPM....If I look at my list for 110 BPM (+/-0%), thousands of songs will come back in the list...and it only shows song title and artist.  Either more info is needed in that list OR more sub-filters needed.


That's all I have for now.  Other than these items, it's a great wireless app for controlling the XDJ-Aero!!  Thanks, Pioneer!!