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Rekordbox 2.2.1 doesn't start up

0) Have you read the "READ ME FIRST" thread in its entirety before posting: Yes, I swear it! (although it was PRETTY long)

1) Operating System: OSX 10.9.1

3) Rekordbox version: 2.2.1.

4) Using LINK: I would love to

4a) LINK Connection method: Network switch

4b) Using with CDJs: Yes, CDJ2000

5) Hard drive / Flash drive / SD card file system: FAT32

5a) Does the device have multiple partitions: Yes

5b) If it's a flash drive, is it a U3 device: Nope

5c) With what utility did you format the device: OSX

6) Have you scanned your files for errors: Yes

7) Have you scanned your drive for errors: Yes

8) Is Rekordbox crashing at all: Its not even starting

8b) If not crashing, are there any error messages: No

9) Are you able to repeat / reproduce the problem: Yes, it won't start! At all

9a) If yes, can you do it consistently: Yes

10) Any other notes regarding your setup only

Provide as much detail of the issue here:

When I click on rekordbox logo it just "jumps" one time, and nothing happens. I had a few crashes a few days ago, trying to add my music library and scan it. Was going to give it another try today but it didn't start. So uninstalled and checked if I had the latest version (which I hadden't)


But now with the latest version still nothing, so was wondering if you guys had any ideas!


Peter Ywe van Bruggen




It could be that your database is corrupted or damaged and you need to try loading the backup database. 


1) Ensure rekordbox is closed and find your database in the following location:

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Pioneer\rekordbox

Vista: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox

Win 7: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox

OSX: /Users/yourusername/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox


2) Rename datafile.edb to datafile.edb.old


3) Rename datafile.backup.edb to datafile.edb (removing .backup)


4) Restart rekordbox and see if it opens. If it does, the main database was corrupted and the backup was working okay.


If it does not open, go back and rename ALL of the datafile files in that folder to .old and restart Rekordbox once more. If it does load, both the original and backup database were corrupted and you will have to re-import your songs once more.

Gavin 0 票
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