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[INFO] Add your folder structure / hierarchy to Rekordbox (Mac)

Hi there!

If you have your music organized already with the folder structure (e.g. year>month>genre>tracks...) inside Finder and this is the way you work and want to have it exactly like this in your rekordbox library, here is a solution.

Well on my research I looked nearly everywhere and saw that it is also a high demand feature for rekordbox since a few years. So that fact that it is not implemented yet, here the workaround:


What you need:

  • iTunes

  • a script


I'm using the script of Vlad Alexa (http://vladalexa.com/scripts/applescript/itunes/). This script creates for every folder and subfolder automatically folders and playlists inside iTunes. Download the " DiskHierarcyToItunes" on Vlad's website or use my modified script: (http://cl.ly/1I0Z1O0D2X09). In this modified script I just removed line 67 and 69, because the script added only empty playlists to my iTunes Library. Also my modified script does not only add mp3s to the generated playlists but also all media files iTunes can handle (such as aiff, wav, etc.)

Important: This script will not replace your iTunes library. It will only add the playlists. 

So this is what you gonna do:


1) Download the Original script. Open it with AppleScript-Editor.

2) run this script through pressing on the big green run-button and select a folder you wish to import (choose first a small folder for testing)

  • if the script does not add the files into the playlists, download my modified version or remove line 67 and 69.

3) If you have a lot of media files, take a beer, go out or do something else. This will take a lot of time. (5000 files ~ 20-30mins)

4) There will be a message if the script has done the job.

5) Download and run the  Delete Empty Playlists script from Vlad's website to delete empty playlists. The script also adds playlists for the root of folders if you have folders inside a folder. So this is an easy way to remove them. This shouldn't take to much time.

6) Launch Rekordbox and click on Bridge. Select iTunes and then Playlists. 

7) Rightclick your generated Folders/Playlists and select import Playlist. Rekordbox will now import the Main-Folder with all the Playlists inside.

8) Enjoy



This is a quite inconvenient  way, but it works.

Of course I will and can not take any responsibility, so backup always your libraries!!!


PS: there is surely a script for windows which works like this, just hit it on google and then work like this :)

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