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xdj aero and rekordbox issue

Hi I have just purchased a xdj aero and updated it and also have the latest version of rekordbox. I can connect my hp all in one pc to the device and rekordbox will link the xdj aero but when I try to load a song to the aero I get an error message advising that it's unable to load track. Any help is much appreciated. Just to let u know it works fine with rekordbox for android and it works with rekordbox v1.6 that came with the aero but v1.6 loses wifi link occasionally Thank you

Mc Diz




@Mc Diz > Have you disabled any anti-virus / firewall settings? Are you sure you have connected correctly to the network created by the unit?

Have you updated to the most recent firmware for the XDJ and latest version of rekordbox? Both are available at pioneerdj.com/support

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