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2フォロワー フォローする

R1 - 1.08 - HotCue SYNC problem.

Steps to reproduce. 

  1. Find the right beat 

  2. CUE it

  3. save the A HOT-CUE by pressing A button. 

  4. Play your song and press the A button (in beat)

you will see first beat is skipped 80% of times. 



We had similar problem when CUEying before  - now for HOT CUES.  

When you press A,B,C quite often the first beat is MISSED. 

I have tried to reset the HOT-CUE, few times, manually, using little beat-grid, WITH or WITHOUT SYNC, WITH or WITHOUT MASTER , with or without second deck playing . 

It was embarrassing yesterday  - believe me. My R1 unit =  is just expensive MP3/CD player!