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[CLOSED] XDJ-Aero Feedback & Requests

After using the XDJ-Aero for a couple months now, here's some feedback and feature requests:

1)  I learned the hard way:  ONLY use an unbalanced (mono) 1/4" jack for your microphone input on the XDJ-Aero!  Using a balanced 1/4" jack for your microphone will produce a very very weak mic output.  I thought I had a bad/broken XDJ-Aero...even Pioneer tech support said the board is bad and I should return it.  Ugh.  Then I learned It was not broken...I just had to use the 'right' 1/4" mic plug.

2)  When using the Aero's Auto-Mix feature, the 25 second song cut off NEEDS to be changed!!  This should be 10-15 seconds or better yet user selectable from 5-20 seconds.  If the 25 second cutoff was a slow volume fade it wouldn't be so bad, but it's way too abrupt!

3)  Using the Recordbox app to run the XDJ-Aero and almost worthless because of how slow the app is, especially if the Aero and the App are clients on a network.  PLEASE make changes to the Recordbox Android app to resolve this!!   The app MUST be faster (song searches, screen refresh rates, shut off album pictures, etc).  The album thumbnail loading issue is a royal pain!  At least allow the user to shut off the loading of any album thumbnails.  I just want to very quickly see song title, artist, album name....seeing BPM and Key in the song listings would rock too!


Other than those 3 items (currently), I absolutely LOVE the XDJ-Aero!!  Thanks Pioneer for the amazing ground-breaking DJ system/controller!!!!  USB + Wireless is fabulous!!!!