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Aero Midi mapping and behavior

1) When Aero is playing from the USB media, will it still send midi commands (either over a USB uplink or through WiFi?)  This would be useful to sync up external effects or trigger cues for lighting and/or visuals.

2) If emitting Midi during internal play, does it send out midi SPP (song position pointer?)  super useful for lighting or visual cues...

3) I guess what I am looking for is something useful for Show Control.  Midi clocks locked to the tempo of the playing player or master sync, Song position pointers, and playlist or track info (eg. a program change for the playlist entry number entered on the deck, or a sysex of the track info, etc.)


updated:  it would appear that a MTC Full Frame message, with a unique cc (sysex channel) for each deck would be more in alignment with what goes on the display.  the show control software can then take the appropriate action when a time boundary is crossed.  Then the show control software would just need to know what track is being played (by tag info, file name, etc.) in the form of a sysex for that channel.