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XDJ-R1 runs out of sync all the time

Hey guys!

I got a problem with my XDJ-R1. When i start off preparing a set i do it in rekordbox. I fix the grid for every tune exactly so that i usually won't have problems with beatmatching later. After i finish my sets i take the USB and plug it in my XDJ-R1. I haven't really seen any other problems with this controller yet and i was really happy with it especially when using as a MIDI controller. The problem is, that after i beatmatched 2 tracks (and i'm a 100% sure they are correctly beatmatched, because it sounds alright) they start to get out of sync like 10-20 seconds later, like i've chosen the wrong BPM for the tunes. In addition i'm a 100% sure that the BPM is correctly set. 

Maybe this has something to do with vinyl mode? I'm not sure, i've tried out many things but it happens over and over again and i'm getting really angry on this! Please tell me how i can solve this problem.



Since Now / Elias