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advice on dj system/controller

hey, i need some good old advice on my next step with pioneer gear. 

i have 2 cdj2000s & djm 900nexus in a case, great. it weighs a bloody ton as I'm sure this has come up before. crap handles etc blah blah blah

so it is almost to heavy to carry to a gig, no body on the planet used cds any more so I'm stuck.

i used to use traktor but left it as all the clubs i was playing in use cdjs & i wanted to get the best out of the cdjs while playing.

all the controllers except recently (the ddj sz) have ridiculous jog wheels way too small & way to bedroomy.

im 6' 4" - big hands, the jog wheels just don't agree with me, i don't need the weight of my current set up & I'm happy using a laptop for my sets.

so i need a ddj sz but with a screen like the xdj r1

i want a big quality controller to control record box, no usb stick needed but want a screen like the cdj2000 with jog wheel to, mixer wise i want something close to the 900 in the middle of the 2 players.

to much to ask or are pioneer steering away from a bloody good rekordbox controller as so not to compete with sera to and traktor

do i wait a year or 2 for such a device and sell my set up now

bit confused  and lost

any help much appreciated!!!

ryan alexander