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[SOLVED] DDJ WeGO Mapping for Traktor 1.27 - can't see Ch.05.CC.036+Ch05.CC.00

Hi Everyone!

I made a mapping for Traktor 1.27, because my notebook is too slow for Traktor 2.x (Intel Dual Core 1.66). The WeGo works great with it, I can set latency to 1ms(!) and no dropouts etc. (With NI Audio 2 DJ soundcard I could set to only 18ms.)

My only problem that when I try to map to change FX amounts with JOGWHEEL there is no** Ch.05.CC.036+Ch05.CC.00** and Ch.05.CC.038+Ch05.CC.00 in the list. Only Ch.05.CC.034+Ch05.CC.00 is showing (and it works right if I mapped). I try to recognize with it, made 'Learn' many times, rotate back and force, tried to SHIFT etc. but I could not made it.

Please help!

Gyula Polyák




I just bought myself the pionner ddj wego,before i got it i used traktor pro 2, but the ddj wego comes with the virtualdj software. I know that its compatible with the traktor aswell and so i connected it with the traktor, everything works perfectly except the control B and A and the fx buttons because i xant map them to their original purposes...I was hoping if someone could help how to map these buttons to their purposes...

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Yepp! I found the solution:

You have to mapping JOG WHEEL to:

Ch05.CC.000 (dry/wet)

Ch05.CC.002 (FX1 amount)

Ch05.CC.004 (FX2 amount)

Ch05.CC.006 (FX3 amount)

Ch05.CC.007 (Filter)

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If you are still looking for assistance in this matter, please start a new thread and we'll be happy to assist you.

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